ITAR Restricted Cameras no longer an issue with Xenics.

Xenics recently released a Press Release about their recent approval of a Commodity Jurisdiction (CJ) Determination for multiple ITAR Restricted Cameras within their product line. This means that ALL of their SWIR cameras are no longer ITAR restricted! This is big news for Universities and R&D labs across the country. Imaging Tech Solutions (ITS) is available to help get these once ITAR Restricted cameras into the hands of those who want them. Call ITS now or send an email to get an official quote.

Here is the official Press Release:

Xenics Receives Commodity Jurisdiction (CJ) Determination for Multiple ITAR Restricted Cameras

Leuven, Belgium, July 7 2016 — Xenics, Europe’s leading developer and manufacturer of advanced infrared detectors, cameras and customized imaging solutions from the SWIR, MWIR and into the LWIR spectrum has been granted Commodity Jurisdiction (CJ) approval for many of their ITAR restricted infrared cameras. This new CJ means that all of the SWIR cameras supplied by Xenics are now ITAR-free in the United States.

For Xenics, the recent Commodity Jurisdiction approval means they can take another step forward in broadening their position in the North American market. With this approval Xenics is now able to support educational and research institutes throughout the entire country without limitations by the ITAR restrictions.  Hervé Copin, CEO of Xenics USA, Inc., states “This is important news for all public organizations who want to benefit from SWIR technology. The Commodity Jurisdiction approval grants accessibility to both US citizens and foreign researchers and engineers that are working with ITAR restricted cameras. Offering a full range of ITAR-free SWIR cameras will open a lot of new opportunities for Xenics.”

In the United States Xenics works with an extensive network of official representatives and distributors. They cover almost the entire territory such that Xenics cameras are locally available for the numerous labs and R&D centers throughout the country. A complete list of distributors is available on

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