Modules & Components

Because not every need can be solved with a standard camera, Xenics designs and develops a number of stand-alone infrared OEM modules, imagers and other components that are sold to manufacturers and system integrators worldwide.


  • Xenics offers rugged SWIR InGaAs camera cores that come with an intuitive digital interface for easy signal acquisition and camera tuning. Its small form factor, low weight and low power consumption allow an easy integration. Where its embedded image enhancement routines deliver the best image quality

  • A cooled thermal core is a camera engine that consists of a MWIR or LWIR Stirling cooled detector, electronics for interfacing and on-board image processing, a mechanical frame and a zoom lens (optionally).

  • Uncooled bolometer cores like our “XTM” are used in all sorts of applications. From R&D projects over industrial automation to homeland security

  • Xenics offers specialized products that range from Read-out Integrated Circuit (ROIC) wafers, photodiode arrays, unpackaged and packaged FPA’s to parts of cameras.