Machine Vision Systems

Tattile has developed and produced Vision Systems, for a diversified range of applications, for over 20 years.tattileheadquarter2_72

Tattile is structured in the following three divisions:

  • Tattile Industrial Division creates customized machine vision systems such as digital cameras, smart cameras and embedded systems for quality control applications and image analysis in several different fields: pharmaceutical, packaging, food & beverage, automotive, semiconductor industries and many more.
  • Tattile Traffic Division creates smartcams for number plate reading (ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and road traffic control, used in innovative ITSs (Intelligent Transport Systems) for tolling, tracking, access control and enforcement applications.
  • Tattile Railways Division specializes in developing PISs (Passenger Information System) for the information, security and on-board entertainment of train passengers. The quality of their products is IRIS-certified (International Railway Industry Standard).

Tattile’s strength is their vocation for innovation, supported by their excellent R&D Team: their expertise in hardware-software and integration allows them to project vision systems up to date with the newest technologies.

Tattile’s Business Growth Strategy was reinforced in November 2012 with an investment made by Ambienta SGR, the largest European private equity fund in the environmental sector.